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Air Freight

With years of experience, CBX Shipping Services offers airfreight services through the company’s global network of offices. We work with experienced carriers and clients to deliver your humanitarian goods, heavy and outsized equipment, time-critical cargo, and other kinds of frights promptly. From manufacturing materials and automotive components to life-saving aid supplies and energy industry structures, the air freight services we arrange to ensure that your shipments reach their destination on schedule and on budget.

Competitive One Stop Solution for all your Air Freight needs

By partnering with prominent carriers, CBX Shipping Services ensures that the cargo needs of the customers are met through various solutions. This includes the creation of specific solutions based on the unique needs of the customers, consolidation services at our own convenience, and fixed schedules on our regular flights. Throughout the entire process, security requirements and global compliance are met every time.

CBX Shipping Services has implemented strategic alliances successfully with carriers that uphold the standards of value and quality that we pass on to our valued customers. As a part of the expectation, we need air carriers to report their performances during formal business reviews. The outcome is that the carrier strategy of our company leverages around 70% of the worldwide volume to preferred and core carriers. This ensures competitive market rates, also protecting capacity during peak and shoulder times.

A proven reputation for Expertise, Innovation, and Professionalism

Access to the available aircraft capacity worldwide provides CBX Shipping Services with the ability and flexibility to optimize and customize supply chain solutions that meet customers’ requirements. We analyze routes, timescales, and payload to propose the fittest cargo aircraft for your needs. By exploring your requirements, we develop plants that meet our clients’ door-to-door transit time needs at a competitive cost.

The long-established carrier relationship ensures durable pricing, high service standards, and capacity availability. The suite of airfreight services designed by CBX Shipping Services has been designed to meet the challenges that customers face in today’s dynamic environment. We just have the perfect solution for you to ensure maximum flexibility, irrespective of weight and size. You can choose from the transit times ranging from the next day to 3 to 5 days to gain global coverage.

Our specialized solutions include-
  • Flexible routing for low-cost, deferred programs
  • Improve visibility as well as tracking of your worldwide air fright
  • Time definite and customized deliveries like temperature controlled, project moves, and next flight out
  • Back-to-back or console
  • Consolidations moving in every major trade lane

By partnering with the best carriers, CBX Shipping Services manage time-sensitive and complex shipping challenges through well-tested workflows and careful planning. For more information, contact us today!