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Warehousing & Distribution

The operations of distribution centers are becoming more challenging and complex. These days consumers expect a lot, whilst tough competition and tight margins do not leave any room for error. The warehousing and distribution system of CBX Shipping Services helps you achieve the best accuracy, performance, and visibility thinkable. From receiving your goods and picking up orders to shipment and delivery, you will have a more connected and efficient warehouse and distribution operation.

Improve the process of order fulfillment and reduce costs

With deep expertise and experience of many years across various industries and sectors, you can count on us for process excellence, efficient, quick, and lean operations, and compliance to industry standards, with the expertise of supply chain to offer improvements and solutions that can save you money and time. Our warehouses, more than just storage, are a pit-stop of your supply chain, designed expertly to keep your goods flowing via the supply chain at your chosen pace.

Highly designed, lean, and efficient with a host of value-added services, CBX Shipping Services has warehouses in more than 50 countries. Perfectly complementing our warehouses, you can take advantage of the extensive distribution network for deliveries of products to your end-customers, be it a retail store, wholesaler, DC, or end-consumer. Save cost and time by customizing. From labeling and scanning to late localization and product customization, our warehouse operations offer a wide spectrum of value-added services to provide you with the ultimate flexibility.

Local Expertise, Global Coverage

Situating in more than 50 countries, the warehousing and distribution services of CBX Shipping Services are well-placed to keep your products flowing through the supply chain irrespective of whether you require a quick turn-around in the destination markets or consolidation of cargo at an origin to get your products into stores. With our end-to-end solutions, our customers are always aware of what is taking place by whom, where, and when so that you can make changes to avoid disruptions.

With CBX Shipping Services’ warehouse and distribution solutions, you can add functionality and start small as your requirement changes. Our solutions integrate with all leading TMS, WMS, and ERP systems. They can add functionality to your existing systems to provide the traceability and visibility required to run a totally connected supply chain.

Benefits of our solutions:
  • A better-managed workforce
  • Streamlined returns procedures
  • Flexible response to orders
  • Real-time end-to-end visibility of deliveries and orders
  • Error-free loading of shipping and vehicles
  • Quick and accurate preparation of orders and dispatch

Reduce asset overheads, eliminate complexities, and increase your speed to the markets by outsourcing your warehousing and distribution solution to a trusted partner. Contact us now!