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Land Freight

For logistics to be quite efficient, they often need intermodal transportation. Covering trucks, barges, and rail, our inland services have been designed so that the goods reach their final destination quickly. Our time will find the best mode of transport and route for cargo, synchronizing with your suppliers, thus making the process efficient and simple.

Making intermodal shipping a breeze

With over 3 billion people residing in rural areas, land freight is the only mode of transportation that can reach remote areas all over the globe. You do not have to compromise efficiency and flexibility while shipping goods over a short or long distance. CBX Shipping Services leverages its extensive market knowledge and independent positioning to create the perfect land freight solution.

We leverage our independent positioning and extensive market knowledge to create the perfect land freight solution irrespective of your needs. Flexibility and range are the two biggest benefits of transportation by land. A full Truck Load is used for shipment sizes that are quite large, filling an entire truck. It can be used for moving goods on a time-sensitive schedule, even when the truck is not full. Less than Truckload is quite common for a cargo of smaller size that fills a truckload reducing empty mileage while saving you money.

Right on track with reliable Land Freight

The rail-based solutions of CBX Shipping Services offer flexibility in both time and pricing while also being a sustainable solution. These solutions are highly dependable and eliminate long transit times with their high speeds over a long distance. Moreover, because of their low CO2 emissions comparatively, they are environmentally friendly and budget-friendly options. Customers today are in search of greener transport solutions without having to compromise on cost and lead time. Being a transportation and logistics company, we are continuously finding ways to meet these changing needs, and land freight solutions are the perfect way to do so.

The powerful IT support at CBX Shipping Services enables clear communication throughout shipping, with team members tracking your shipment from beginning to end. This GPS tracking system offers an additional layer of security, thus helping prevent transit theft and losses. With extensive market knowledge, our experts are equipped to find the best land freight solutions to fit your requirements.

At CBX Shipping Services, we ship your cargo from warehouse to warehouse and door to door. Discover all possibilities now.